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Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope you have had an awesome holiday ^.^

As for me, I woke up real early this morning to catch the express bus to Jeonju, the capital of North Jeolla Province in South Korea. That was where I have spent the holiday in the accompaniment of Doris and Joan, friends I have made when I was with Esplanade like... almost 3 years back. Omg, time really flies. We definitely had lots of fun and laughter together, and I am looking forward to more meet-ups with them in the near future. Further details on Jeonju coming up soon!

Anyway, I have been receiving messages from my classmates to ask me where I have traveled to over the week and to arrange for meet-ups since they are back in the country (all of them went back to their hometown during this one-and-only one-week break throughout the 1-year course). I am definitely glad when I saw these messages. It was a nice change having been travelling around the city alone for the past few days. I certainly liked being alone, not having to care about anything or anyone, meeting and talking to people I never thought I would hold a conversation with, but I didn't really like the feeling of not having anyone to share your adventures with? Occurrences that would have had made yourself a laughingstock doesn't seem to be as funny when you are on your own.

By the way, I side-tracked lolol. What I wanted to say when I started the previous paragraph was that it had been exactly a week since my graduation ceremony. My classmates will be starting Level 3 next Monday and as much as I am motivated to return to Singapore and start afresh, part of me wishes to stay and start school again with them too.. And so, this blog post will be the time I'd revisit some of the lunches I shared with my new-found friends, in the back alley of Sungkyunkwan University.

This ahjuma's 24-seater restaurant was one we visited regularly at the start of the semester for their reasonably priced mains and unlimited side dishes. The extra large plain Kimbap 김밥 you'd see on top is only priced at ₩1,500! However, we got more adventurous and busy near mid-terms so we do either venture further out when we have that additional time, or just grab something at the canteen or nearer to the backgate when we had to work ourselves through lunch. Just to share, the Seafood Fried Rice 해물볶음밥, is superb *thumbs-up*

So these are the kinds of meals we have in SKKU canteens. The menu varies each day so we just check what is on for each day at the display counter, head over to the machines to make payment and then to the different counters to collect what we ordered. The super mega Donkatsu is quite intimidating, definitely didn't need the scoop of rice when I have had such a big piece of meat along with french fries. Side dishes at school canteens are self-service and free-flow too, just that I didn't get them for the first two pictures above. My favourite side dishes would be the macaroni and the yuzu tea ♥

Once when I needed something sweet and got the yogurt waffle from the canteen..

Another time when we have a movie premiere screening for us students at Lotte Cinema in the evening and presentation on the next day, so we headed to a cafe nearby to memorise our script within the few hours we had. Surprisingly, and speaking from the experience of having too many cups of inexpensive but horrible coffee in the neighbourhood, what was served here was really good! If you have exceptional good eyesight, you'd be able to see the elevator that is responsible of bringing us all up from the back alley to the school, through the glass window in the first picture =x

Favourite spicy stir-fried pork 제육볶음 at the restaurant below the cafe

Hole-in-wall restaurant that serves awesome pasta and spoon pizza made of sweet potato!

Kyochon fried chicken delivery when we were too busy preparing for our final presentation

When I was craving for sundae and churros in the cold winter..

There is this super famous tteokbokki 떡볶이 stall at the front gate of SKKU which Jingwen loves but since I am not a fan of tteokbokki I never joined her when she wanted to visit this place until the very day before our finals since she accompanied me to McDonalds the day before, and I was too sick of revising at home anyway lolol. We had a portion of tteokbokki ₩3,000 and an odeng 오뎅 ₩2,000 each and both were truly delicious. I would love to try their sundae 순대 some time soon.

One of the best Jjigae 찌개 I have had in Seoul was at the back alley in a small restaurant whose name is precisely 찌개 hahaha. This is my Thai friend, Pympon's favourite restaurant too ever since the first time we tried it! I was initially disappointed with the amount of soup there is in the pot, but trust me it is the quality that counts and it was sufficient. We have had the chicken jjigae and the samgyeopsal jjigae before and we unanimously agreed that the latter was more flavourful and tasty i.e. better.

₩8,900 BBQ buffet party immediately after our finals!

Pricey Italian pasta for lunch on the last day of school

Because we have finally graduated, we had to reward ourselves with a nutella banana crepe

And so, this is a compilation of some of the food I have had in Korea so far! I have no doubt been eating without a care in the world during my short stint here, and am quite sure I have put on a fair bit of weight so much so that one of the new year resolutions I am preparing is to start exercising regularly. I am kind of dreading the impending moment of truth when I would be standing atop the weighing machine when I return back to Singapore. Shouldn't have said something stupid like I am going to slim down during my three months here and go back with the figure of a female Korean idol before I came. I am just going to exercise, so I can eat even more lolol.

Glutton signing-off,

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