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When mid-terms ended, we just felt the need to reward ourselves with a decent meal that we hadn't had for a long time and to give ourselves motivation to embark on the next half-term. It is actually kind of weird to blog about mid-terms being over now when in actual fact my semester had already ended and I have received my completion certification yesterday. Now that I am officially done with school, my biggest project will be to plan my travel itinerary for the next month before I return back to Singapore. At the same time, I shall try to blog as much as possible so I won't be accumulating too many backdated posts like this one *promise*

I thought the food really looks delicious even as I browse through the pictures now! The first pork dish belongs to me whilst Lisa and JW had the fried chicken and beef respectively. Everything was good. We were really satisfied with the meal even though the portion definitely was smaller than what was portrayed in the menu and exhibited outside the restaurant (which was what brought us in). We loved everything from the meat down to the egg and side dishes. Did you notice that their chopsticks were made of unmatched bamboo sticks? It was quite difficult to manage at first...

Grabbed the school sweater and cap when we went back to do our project..

Yes, even though it was mid-terms just ended, we didn't get to take any break off schoolwork. Practical Usage class on every Friday afternoon requires us to do presentations on alternate weeks so we were left with one weekend to do our research and prepare our materials and powerpoint presentation, as well as memorise our script. For this round, we were meant to introduce the different buildings in the school (our topic was the library) so TOO BAD, we had to drag our feet back to school after our short celebratory lunch. The next project after this though, was to propose a one-day tour. My team did Chuncheon so I'd be touching on that in one of my posts ^.^

Dinner-cum-discussion at Mr Pizza after we were done with taking pictures

SKKU schedules cultural outings for students the next day after mid-terms every time and in my case, they have planned for the Level 2 students to attend Live Fusion Gukak Music Performance Fanta-Stick 판타스틱 at Jeongdong Fanta-Stick Theatre directly connected to Seodaemun Subway Station. Some of my classmates were rather disappointed when we received the news since they have already watched another non-verbal performance during their previous semester and also, before the location was confirmed, there were speculations going around that we will be going to Lotte World. I'd prefer Lotte World too, but this isn't too bad either. At least something was planned so, no complaints.

My class got to sit right in front so a few of them had interactions with the performers

Mandatory class photo after the performance

Not-so-nice-nor-filling yet pricey lunch at Seodaemun

As it was still quite early when we were done with lunch and it wasn't everyday all of us travel out of Hyehwa (since most of the students stay in the immediate vicinity of SKKU), some of us who didn't had any prior appointments just continued to hang outside and wandered aimlessly along the streets. Eventually, we found ourselves at Gyeonghuigung Palace 경희궁 and went in to take a look. However, part of the palace was under renovation so we didn't get to see much.

Gyeonghuigung Palace 경희궁 was supposed to have consisted of more than 100 units of large and small structures, and was constructed as a detached royal villa in the west where the king moved to during excursions or in times of emergency. There were about ten kings from the Joseon Dynasty who stayed in this palace, making it one of significance historical importance. Unfortunately, much of it was destroyed during the Japanese occupation and what is left now is less than half of its original size. Nevertheless, the surrounding mountains and scenery are pretty impressive so do come by if you love palaces like I do hehe. Admission is free.

Gyeonghuigung Palace 경희궁
55 Saemunan-no (Sinmun-no2-ga)
Jongno-gu, Seoul
Nearest Stations: Gwanghwamun Station Exit #7, Seodaemun Station Exit #4
Visit their website here

Primarily to avoid and seek temporarily shelter from the cold, we entered the Seoul Museum of History 서울역사박물관 which comprises of many different exhibitions to present the history and culture of Seoul from the Joseon Dynasty to this day, and I immediately recognised it as one of the many locations where Running Man race had taken place before. Weird sense of familiarity as I walked up the stairs, past by a standee and so on, and recall how the members ran by or tried to hide themselves. There is also a Seoul City Panoramic Theatre, a bird's eye view and precise representation of Seoul built to a scale of 1/1500. I know we also have something like that in the Singapore City Gallery, but theirs was just very impressive. Similarly, admission in free ^.^

Seoul Museum of History 서울역사박물관
55 Saemunan-no (Sinmun-no2-ga)
Jongno-gu, Seoul
Nearest Stations: Gwanghwamun Station Exit #7, Seodaemun Station Exit #4
Visit their website here

The sun had set by the time we came out from the museum but we just continued walking. Very soon, we saw the familiar statue of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin 충무공 이순신 동상, and we knew we have reached Gwanghwamun Square 광화문광장. Also because of the unusually huge crowd, we recognised that we were near Cheonggye Plaza 청계광장, the start of the famous Cheonggyecheon Stream 청계천 where the annual Seoul Lantern Festival 서울빛초롱축제 was taking place at that time. Needless to say, we went to take a look and took lots of photographs.

More about it in the next post,

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