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I am not sure bout you, but I have always been a fan of Marmite Yeast Extract since young. As a child, the adults will mix it with white porridge and I will gladly consume everything for lunch and dinner. I love it so much that I would have Marmite chicken, Marmite prawns, Marmite everything, and even Marmite on its own directly from the bottle. Okay, I am a bit extreme but yeah, that is what I do. That is why I have two bottles of Marmite in the kitchen even before I received this parcel from Marmite x

Thus, I became a proud owner of FIVE bottles of Marmite

While writing this post, I sought a few friends for their impression of Marmite, and I was shocked to realise that many of them don't even know what Marmite is. How could you? It is almost equivalent to not knowing your chilli sauce, soy sauce, dark sauce, or whatever sauce. Hugh Jackman loves it and even publicly introduced it to Oprah and Jimmy Fallon, you know? Time to be acquainted with your antidote to bland.

Let's make this more interesting by starting with a few fun facts!

#1 Marmite was invented by accident in the late 19th century when German scientist Justus von Liebig discovered that brewer's yeast could be concentrated, bottled and eaten.

#2 Marmite won two world wars *fireworks*. It was included in soldiers' rations to prevent vitamin B1 deficiency beri-beri being common during World War 1 after the discovery of the spread as a rich source of vitamin B in 1912.

#3 Folic acid was later identified as an active ingredient in Marmite, which was then used to treat anaemia and malnutrition in the 1930s. The Guardian calls Marmite "pretty much the Holy Grail of foodstuffs" because of its health benefits.

#4 Marmite is a French term for a large covered earthenware as British Marmite was originally supplied in earthenware pots. But since the 1920s, it has been sold in the bulbous glass jars we see today.

Wow, it is almost like striking lottery when something so tasty is actually so beneficial and ha! No one shall ever look at me disgustingly as it I am eating salt in tablespoons when I feed on Marmite directly or add huge chunks of the tasty extract into my porridge. This is actually way healthier than you think! I am FULL of vitamins B, a good thing since I don't take much fish, meat and dairy products on normal days.

While we are at this, you should know that Marmite taste just as awesome as it is good and wholesome for your health. I do realise this is a rather acquired taste so I wouldn't expect anyone to eat it as it is like I do, but you should totally try it on your toast, mix it with your porridge, drink it as a soup or mix it with your favourite dishes be it chicken, pork or fish to accentuate the flavour and tantalise your tastebuds. There are also times when I find some instant noodles extremely bland and unappetising, so I would actually dump the seasonings, cook the noodles, drain it and mix it in Marmite for a quick fix too! It works just as well, as salad sauce too. By the way, just today I decided to try something new with Marmite and conducted a cooking experiment for some cheesy Marmite omelette ^.^

Well, I am not a talented cook so I will need to go for something extremely simple, and nothing could be as fuss-free as this dish which would only require 3 ingredients -- Eggs, Mozzarella Cheese and of course, Marmite. Well, 4 if you would like to season the eggs with a bit of pepper. Does this not look delicious to you? Unfortunately I haven't master the art of flipping omelettes lolol. BUT BUT BUT! I have got scrambled eggs instead and it is equally awesome. And the taste was so good that for someone like me, I never felt more proud of my own cooking.

In any case, it is time to get creative with Marmite!

Visit here for recipe

Visit here for recipe

Visit here for recipe

Marmite Singapore is so thoughtful to have even made a cute cooking video for the Marmite Pork Ribs, readily available on their facebook page. There are other delicious recipes that can be found on their facebook too!

So don't miss out on this yummy gem any longer. You won't regret heading over to any supermarket near you to grab them immediately at just..

$3.69 for the 115g bottle;
$6.47 for the 230 bottle;
$12.33 for the 470g bottle.

I know my review can be a little dubious, considering my undying love for Marmite. But I have a solution for you where you don't even need to fork out a coin to try Marmite and decide for yourself whether this is one of the best accidental inventions ever. Simply head over to right here to redeem your sample bottle absolutely FREE starting from 8 August 2016. Remember to act fast before stocks run out!

Furthermore, after you have gotten your hands on my favourite yeast extract, don't forget to participate in #MyMarmiteMyWay review contest by sharing your personal Marmite experience in your Sample Store review before 30 September 2016. And you could be one of the 3 lucky winners to each win the 3 different sized bottles for yourself! Maybe I should take part too so I can be promoted to the echelons of owning 8 bottles of Marmite. I never had enough of Marmite anyway.

May the odds be ever in your favor,

** Photo and video credits to Marmite Singapore **

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